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Creative Development

Your vision is my vision. I am here to facilitate the recounting of your story and ensure your project goals are met. Think of me as the Gandalf to your Frodo.

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I meet face-to-face with each client to ensure that your project goals are met. We can meet somewhere convenient for you, and at your own pace. 

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I will refine the footage and put the finishing touches on your project. Once complete, we will review the production together until you are satisfied.



“She sets her standards high and achieves her goals. She is attentive to detail, dependable and highly regarded. She is a woman of great virtue.”

— June Miller, former supervisor

“She is patient, professional, and poised with a great sense of responsibility for the people with whom she works, which translates to a final product everyone can enjoy.”

— Jessica Hurtt, friend & previous interviewee

“She worked in a timely fashion, and in the end the work she gave me was exactly what I wanted. I have since used the work and it has been a huge success.”

— Benson Scheide, client

“She is very detail-oriented and can always be counted on to rise to the next level in crunch time.”

— Joe Enste, former supervisor

“With a goal in mind she knows how to work through challenges that arise with a cool head and can quickly come up with real solutions. With her positive demeanor and enthusiasm for growth, Victoria is a delight to work with.”

— Karlie Herbert, mentor

“She is a highly motivated individual and thinks clearly about the visual language she uses.”

— Nick Hutchings, mentor & former professor

D.C., Maryland, and Virginia




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